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The brake is a vital component of your car that you need to keep in perfect working condition for the safety of your family. Like every mechanical component, brakes are also susceptible to wear & tear with prolonged use. It is important to get them checked regularly and replace them if they develop any snag or are worn out. Jio Tech Auto is the leading car repair workshop in Melbourne that offers the best auto brake repair services at affordable prices.

Professional Brake & Clutch Repairs in Melbourne

The clutch system is another important mechanical component of your car that needs regular servicing & maintenance. If you face a problem in changing gears or notice any squealing or grinding noise when you press the clutch pedal, you need to get your car’s clutch examined by a specialist mechanic. Based on the diagnosis of the clutch specialist, you may need to get the clutch repaired or replaced. We offer the best professional brake & clutch repairs in Melbourne at completive prices. Our highly trained and experienced mechanics can repair or replace the brake and clutch of any car make or model. For all clutch and brake servicing, repairs, or replacements in Melbourne and its suburbs, call us or visit our state-of-the-art service centre.

Clutch Pad Replacement

The brake and clutch systems of your car are subject to wear & tear due to constant use. The clutch pad, clutch wire, and clutch assembly needs to be checked during every service and may need to be replaced in due course. The common signs that the clutch pad of your car may need to be replaced are if you face difficulty in changing the gears or find that the clutch is slipping. You should also get your car’s clutch checked if you hear a rattling sound every time you press the clutch or if you find that the clutch has become too loose, too hard, for spongy.

Melbourne’s Experienced Auto Brake Repair Specialists

It is important to engage the best auto car brake service specialists in Melbourne to inspect your vehicle. Our experienced mechanics can diagnose the exact fault in brake or clutch with computerised fault detection and can repair the same. They can also suggest brake & clutch pad replacement if required. The thorough examination of brakes and clutch includes but is not limited to:

  • Brake discs
  • Brake drums
  • Brake & clutch cables
  • Brake hoses
  • Brake oil
  • Brake & clutch pedals
  • All clutch and brake service

Brake Pad Replacement Cost& Time

As the leading brake repair and replacement workshop, we stock spare parts of all leading makes and models of cars. The brake pad replacement costdepends entirely on the model of your car. While the genuine OEM spare parts like brake pad cost a little higher, they are more affordable in the long run because of their performance. The time to replace a brake pad is usually 2-3 hours. Again, it depends on what additional parts are required to be checked, repaired, or replaced. Our team keeps you informed at every stage of the process and gives you update on both time and cost.

The easiest way to get the brake & clutch pad replacement of your car in Melbourne is to reach out to experts. Jio Tech Auto is a trusted name in servicing and repairing cars of every make and model. Call us now on 0403 451 216 to speak with our experts and book an appointment. All our services are covered under warranty

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