Introducing Car Repairs and Servicing in Truganina by Reliable Car Mechanics

The easiest and time-tested way to keep your car in top-notch condition is to get it serviced regularly. There is no better place for getting your car serviced and repaired than Jio Tech Auto Car Repair Service in Truganina. We are your local car mechanic and service centre to take care of all the servicing and minor or major repairs of your car. Our experienced car mechanics can repair your car at our fully equipped service centre in Truganina according to your preference. We only use original and high-quality spare parts that are recommended by the manufacturers to ensure the best performance of your car. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Oil change
  • Tuning
  • Regular servicing
  • Brake repairs
  • Clutch repairs
  • Multi-fuel Injection
  • Starter alternator motor repair
  • Injector carbon cleaning
  • ECU Scanning

Drive by Our Service Centre in Truganina for Starter Motor, Alternator service

We undertake the diagnosis check, repair, and replacement of every kind of starter motor and alternator. With our high-tech equipment and seasoned car mechanics, we can locate, pinpoint, and repair any fault in the starter motor or alternator. This ensures that the engine turns over smoothly every time you turn in the ignition key. A properly working starter motor and alternator we also ensure a smooth power supply to all the electrical systems in the car.

Expert Starter Motor & Alternator and Brake & Clutch Repairs in Truganina

The brakes of your car need a diagnostic check, servicing, or repair if you feel a grinding or pulsating sensation when pressing down the brake pedal. If you experience hardening of the clutch or have difficulty in changing gears, then you should not ignore it but bring it to our service centre. Resting of foot on the clutch pedal and excessive or incorrect use of the clutch lever can result in several faults in the clutch system of the car that needs to be rectified to prevent failure and malfunction. We undertake brake & clutch repairs of cars of every make and model.

Best Car Servicing & Repairs in Truganina

The best place to get your car serviced or repaired in Truganina is Jio Tech Auto Car Repair Service. We are a trusted name in servicing and repairs of cars of every make and model. Call us now on 0403 451 216 to speak with our experts and book an appointment. Trust us for the quickest service at affordable prices. All our services are covered under warranty.