Car Starter Motor & Alternator Repairs in Melbourne

The starter motor & alternator ensure a smooth start of the car and proper transmission of current to its electric components. If you are facing trouble starting up your car or its lights are dimming or flickering, you should get the starter motor & alternator of your car checked. Jio Tech Auto is the best workshop for alternator and car starter motor repairsin Melbourne. Our expert auto electricians use high-tech equipment for fault diagnosis and can repair and replace the starter motor & alternator of the car of every make and model.

Car Starter Motor & Alternator Repairs in Melbourne

The Importance of Starter Motor & Alternator in Your Car

Thy starter motor ensures that the engine turns over when you turn the key in the ignition. A faulty starter motor leads to a missed start and is very frustrating for a car owner. In case your starter motor is cranking but the engine fails to start or starts after multiple attempts, you should get the starter motor checked for any faults that may have occurred.

An alternator regulates the electric supply to all the electrical components of your car. It also transfers any excess power to the battery to ensure that no oversupply of current can damage the electric components. Any snag in the alternator leads to an erratic power supply and burnout of electrical parts of the vehicle. Our auto electrical technician checks the voltage output to find out if the alternator is supplying higher or lower current voltage against the specified voltage. After their thorough diagnosis and detection, they can suggest if the alternator needs to be serviced, repaired, reconditioned, or replaced with an OEM approved alternator.

You do not need to get the starter motor or alternator replaced every time it malfunctions. It is quite possible that the alternator or starter motor requires only servicing, cleaning, or replacement of a faulty part. Proper servicing or repairing by qualified mechanics can make these components work again at an optimum level. For this, proper diagnosis becomes critical.

We also provide thecheapest starter motor refurbishment service in case you do not want to buy a new starter motor. Our expert starter motor mechanics are factory-trained and highly experienced, and will thoroughly check the refurbished starter motor once it is installed in your car. We thoroughly check the starter current and test the battery to ensure that the electrical system of the car is running smoothly.

Some of the starter motor & alternator diagnostics we offer are:

  • Starter draw check
  • Starter voltage check
  • Starter solenoid & coil check
  • Alternator motor output check
  • Alternator motor load check
  • Alternator motor charging check

As the leading starter and alternator parts shop, we stock OEM-approved spare parts of cars of all major brands and makes including Ford, Holden, Mazda, Honda and many more. Our factory-trained and experienced mechanics use computerised technology and high-tech tools to detect any fault in the starter motor or alternator of your car. They repair and service and if required, replace the faulty starter motor or alternator to ensure that your car runs smoothly, and you do not find yourself stranded on road.

The easiest way to get the alternator and car starter motor repaired or replaced in Melbourne is to reach out to experts. Jio Tech Auto is a trusted name in the repair and replacement of alternator and starter motor refurbishment of cars of every make and model. Call us now on 0403 451 216 to speak with our experts and book an appointment. Trust us for the best service at affordable prices. All our services are covered under warranty.

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