Professional Diesel Intake Cleaner in Melbourne

Oil vapour build-up in the diesel intake manifold is one of the most common reasons of loss in performance in later models of diesel engines. There are cases where oil sludge build-up almost completely blocks the air supply pipe. Hence, diesel intake cleaning is of utmost importance. At Jio Tech Auto, we offer the best diesel intake cleaning services in and around Melbourne. Our car repair experts can perform diesel intake manifold cleaning and the best diesel intake decarb service. Bring your car to us when you need to get the turbo crossover pipe and intake manifold thoroughly cleaned every 50,000 kms.

Diesel Intake Cleaner in Melbourne

Why Is Diesel Intake Cleaning Necessary?

A breather hose in a diesel engine that vents the crankcase next to the oil filler cap introduces oil vapour into the exhaust air stream. Vapour accumulates and gradually obstructs the air flow in the intake. The breather hose can never be pinched or plugged since this would cause a huge amount of engine oil leaks. The intake valves get heavily covered with a sticky residue, making the engine unable to breathe. As a result, the engine efficiency and fuel economy get affected. That’s why, diesel intake cleaning is very important, and you need to find experienced intake cleaners for the job.

Count on Our Diesel Intake Cleaning Specialists in Melbourne

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